how can we not

I discovered some photos on the Internet, which I found sifting through one website, and then another, and then another – you know how surfing can go. They were amazing – photos of the United States’ southwest, gorgeous skies, cactus, stark beauty, harsh and lovely. The photographer had captured everything so well, the sentiment of … Continue reading how can we not

the way of the octopus

As a parent, I often have to juggle my life according to my children’s needs. In some cases, I have to simply juggle – literally. And I’ve found that, since being a parent, my skill of performing simultaneous tasks has grown to maximum proportions. There are days when all I hear is, “I want,” “I … Continue reading the way of the octopus

why facebook is bad for my self-esteem

It’s no secret that Facebook facilitates the idea of promoting oneself – whether it’s personal, professional, or otherwise. Still, I find it frustrating to be sipping my coffee during the wee hours of the morning, only to be inundated with pictures – cute ones – of someone’s adorable, ruthlessly brilliant child, who has, at age … Continue reading why facebook is bad for my self-esteem

i’ve fallen and i can’t get up

In spite of the seemingly never-ending stress that seems to accumulate as the days pass, my Buddhist tendencies manage to alleviate and ignore it. However. Lately I’ve become so entrenched in the hardcore daily grind of worry that Buddha’s been shushed – his exquisite mouth covered with black electrical tape - and instead, mindfulness forgotten, … Continue reading i’ve fallen and i can’t get up