lost in the library: what to read next?

Libraries are a bibliophile’s crack. There. I said it. You can quote me on that one. Who doesn’t love that sight of all those bound pages? The creative output. The potential hours of complete submersion into another life. The smell. *sigh*

Inevitably, as with bookstores, libraries are overwhelming. Not in a bad way. Just in an excessively stimulating way. Like, if you were a starving dog and let loose in the world’s most aromatic Italian restaurant.

I know you’re not supposed to, but it’s times like these when you have to have a plan B. Otherwise, you may be in danger of simply slogging aimlessly around the stacks with your mouth open. A potential drool situation.

Go ahead. Peruse the covers. Make your judgement.

Look, I know as well as the next person that you shouldn’t be swayed by a pretty face. Beauty is only skin deep, and all that. But check out these hotties, and tell me you’re not seriously intrigued.

And in non-fiction…

Don’t even get me started on children’s books. There would be too many images and too much scrolling and you’d just get annoyed and bored and stop reading. (How long are blog posts supposed to be, anyway?)

I am aware that a thing like the beauty of a book cover is somewhat subjective. I tend to lean toward the minimalist. Maybe you’re the expressionist or the Cubist type. In any case, if the book is crap, a gorgeous cover may not save it. But it’s fun to look, isn’t it?

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